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Unix epoch time - Timestamp
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Timestamp - counting the number of seconds from 00:00:00 UTC on January 1, 1970

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Online Unix Epoch Time Calculator And Convertor

An online Unix epoch time calculator is a quick fix to serious, complicated calculations and saves you from going to and fro days and seconds. It is a widely used tool that helps developers and programmers in getting quick and accurate conversions.

What Is Unix Epoch Time?

Unix epoch time is the denotation to a time that is expressed in seconds or the time elapsed from the Unix epoch expressed in seconds; minus the leap seconds.


Unix epoch is the 00:00:00 UTC time on January 1, 1970. To calculate Unix epoch time, seconds are counted from the Unix epoch and leap seconds are disregarded. In mathematical terms, the product can be reached by multiplying the days from Unix epoch to the target date and multiplying it by 86400 -- the number of seconds in a day, ignoring leap seconds.


Also known as the Unix time or Epoch time, it is a widely used format to save time-related data in various file formats and input in several operating systems. Most commonly used by programmers and coders, the encoding of a Unix Epoch time is done in two layers; the first one that displays time in the form of the total number of seconds and the next in the form of decimal digits or bits.

What Are The Uses Of A Unix Epoch Online Time Calculator?

Unix Epoch timestamps are used worldwide for easy conversion and calculation of time with reference to the Unix Epoch. An online facility for the same makes it more convenient to use and accessible since it is not a converter available in every device. Let’s have a look at the 3 most common instances when we need an online Unix epoch time calculator.


  1. Calculate Complex Numbers In A Zap

A Unix Epoch Timestamp’s most basic function is to represent the time elapsed between a particular time and the Unix Epoch in the format of seconds. While most clocks inbuilt on devices and online applications display time in the form of minutes and hours, a Unix epoch online calculator can easily display time in seconds for tasks that require that much detailing. You don’t need to worry about doing complex math on your own.


  1. Readable Format For Storage Of Data

Unix time is a preferred format for computers to store and process data. Unlike humans, the large values are seconds are easier to interpret for computers and form the basis for easy conversions into different formats of the time. Programmers generally use Unix Epoch time calculators for recording time in any and every time-based entry.


  1.  Calculate Time Anywhere In The World

This application of an online Unic Epoch converter goes beyond the fact that it can be accessed from anywhere in the world. It means in such a timestamp, all the time zones in the world are collated with the right algorithms, which means you get results of exact time elapsed between the Unix time and current time where you are situated.

3 Amazing Features Of Sekundomer’s Unix Epoch Time Calculator

Among the several reasons why Sekundomer is uneatable when it comes to its Unix Epoch timestamp, let’s have a look at the topmost three.


  1. Precision and Accuracy

The most important attributes of any clock or timer are the precision and accuracy, for a time converter and calculator the importance just multiplies manifolds. Our online Unix epoch time converter is highly precise and can count the exact time at the moment for you. You can now stop sweating if you’re a programmer and hate maths.


  1. Conversion To Intelligible Formats

This calculator is also a converter, so in case you are looking for a reverse solution and want to know the days passed by or date after a particular number of seconds in Unix epoch time has elapsed, this converter can easily translate it for you. All you have to do is get the input right to find an accurate output.


  1. Conversion To Convenient Formats

If days are not what you are looking for as an answer, there are more convenient forms of output that our online Unix epoch time calculator can convert to in seconds.

  1. Seconds Conversion

This feature allows you to convert the elapsed Unix epoch time in the general time format that we prefer -- days, hours, minutes, and seconds. 

  1. Time Conversion

Similarly, the vice versa is possible as with a single click you can calculate the number of seconds passed exactly from the Unix epoch to present. For the accuracy of this feature, however, you need to ensure the time on your device is accurate as that is taken as the reference time for conversion.


Besides these attractive features, Sekundomer is also popular for its user interface and a variety of themed timers. So if you have landed on our site for a quick conversion, you might as well improve your productivity by trying out our online stopwatch, or feel the pressure of time being lifted off with our entertaining bezier clock, or perhaps wait for your favorite season or festival with our specialized themed countdown timers. We offer complete timing solutions for your needs.