How much is left until the end of the world How much is left until the end of the world
Until the supposed End of the World
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Online Timer To Countdown Days Left Before The End Of The World

Are you one of the curious ones feeling existential every now and then?

If you keep wondering about the life cycle of all things natural and when would be the end of everything that exists, there’s an online timer for you!

No kidding, you can finally get rid of all the theories that make your mind buzz and look up something useful to save your time and energy, fill in your curiosity with details, and have some fun. 

Why Do We Need To Find Out How Many Days Are Left Before ‘The End’?

The power to foresee the future is one important conquest that has fascinated mankind since time immemorial. If one could travel forward in time and make a note of all the major revolutionary and disastrous events, it would be possible to prepare for them well in advance, thereby making scientific breakthroughs work for the welfare and progress of mankind. In fact, there’s a whole specialized field of study dedicated to the same called Eschatology.

However, this scientific interest in the future or lack thereof has quickly turned into a rumor-fed curiosity. Superstitious beliefs, astrological wisdom, or plain boredom-induced curiosity are all seeking answers to the question-- when will the world end. Here are a few reasons why it’s so important for us:

  • Some people see the end of the world as a punishment for the sins and feel the need to repent before the time comes.
  • Some see it as the product of destruction that mankind has imposed on nature and feel responsible to act towards undoing it.
  • Some believe determining the time of the end of the world would help determine how to live the rest of their lives (either due to superstitious reasons or logical).
  • Some want to know just to be humored with the supposed end that’s supposedly not coming in the near future.

Eschatology: The Concept Of End Of The World

Eschatology is a combination of two words from the Greek language namely: Eschatos (literal translation: last) and logy (suffix used to denote a study of), together it becomes a study of the end of times. 

The concept was first introduced in the English language in the year 1844, but as a matter of fact, conspiracies and predictions about the end of the world have been presented even before that by many religious or temporal sections of the society.

Some of the well-known past predictions about the end of the world, which obviously didn’t bear fruit are given below.

  1. 1666

Also known as the devil’s number, 666 is considered to presage the occurrence of something unfortunate. The year 1666 was thus believed to have the final fallout. Interestingly on September 2, 1666, a fire erupted in London Bakery which caused havoc amongst the people, however, the handful casualties of the fire couldn’t come nearly close to the end of the world.

  1. 1910

This one was predicted to be instigated by the beautiful Halley’s Comet which passes through the orbit of the earth every 75 years.  According to late astronomer Camille Flammarion, the comet’s tail contained traces of harmful gasses that would evaporate due to the heat of the sun and penetrate into the atmosphere of the earth thus making it inhabitable.

  1. 2012

The well-known prediction was made simply on the basis of the Mayan calendar which supposedly ended on December 21, 2012. An interesting Reuter’s poll proved that approximately, 10 percent of people across the globe believed that it would come true. A movie made about the same went on to collect around US$ 9.9 million.


Theories That Predict The End Of The World In Near Future

Even today, there exist numerous theories that suggest the reasons and the ways in which the world will end. Different religions have accounted for several possible dates when the Judgement day will finally come. Let’s have a look at a few of such theories.

  1. 2020

Time Left: 161 days

According to Jeane Dixon, who previously predicted that the world will end in 1962, the new final date is set in 2020, as a consequence of Armageddon which means the last battle between good and evil before the Day of Judgement.

  1. 2026

Time left:  77 months or 2355 days

According to the predictions of Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi’s book ‘The Religion of God’, the International Messiah Foundation has concluded that the world will end in 2026 on account of an asteroid collision.

  1. 2239

Time left: 2633 months or 80151 days

A body of Jewish civil and ceremonial law, Talmud preaches that the world will start ending within a little over 100 years, on completion of 6000 years of the creation of Adam. The whole process will take about 1000 years starting from 2239 to 3239.

  1.  2280

Time left: 3125 months or 95127 days

Rashad Khalifa, an Egyptian-American biochemist, predicts on the basis of his research about Qu’ran, that the year 2280 will be the end of the world.


With these predictions indicating the world end in the near future, we now know why the same Reuter’s poll also proved that 15% of the world population believes the world will end during their lifetime. However, there also exist predictions that estimate the end to be lakhs of years ahead.

For example, according to Peter Tuthill, an explosion of a triple star will result in a phenomenon known as supernova which may incite harmful gamma rays due to which the life on Earth will be exposed to a considerable threat.

Some predictions go even beyond millions of years, however, the question is would you rather believe or simply turn to an online countdown timer?