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Types And Benefits Of A Free Online Stopwatch

A stopwatch is a device that was developed to make your life easier, and relieve you of the difficulties of squinting your eyes to keep track of the seconds and milliseconds that matter.

Looking Back At The History Of The Stopwatch

The stopwatch and its necessities were recognized long ago during the time of the monarchs. Although there are contrasting records that claim who invented the first-ever stopwatch when; the period can be estimated to be between the late 17th century and early 19th century.


An associate of Issac Newton who earned the name of ‘Samuel “The Stopwatch” Wattson’ is known to have made the first stopwatch around that time. However, the primitive versions of the stopwatch that we call the chronograph were reportedly developed by Louis Moinet first in 1816 and later by Nicolas Mathieu Rieussec in 1921. Since the invention of the latter was hugely marketed as a gift presented to King Louis VIII, he was considered to be the inventor until the recent discovery of the former invention in 2013.


Types Of Stopwatches

The applications and uses of a stopwatch are so vast that over the years, several versions of this device came up to meet the needs of the task at hand accordingly. The variation in different versions primarily depends upon factors like handling of the device, precision, visual field, among others.


  1. Handheld Chronograph

This stopwatch is the classic, old fashioned clock-resembling device that functions mechanically. It traditionally is composed of two buttons -- one on the top that starts and stops the timer needle and the other to reset the timer back to zero. In the advanced version of handheld stopwatches, the second button is also used to record laps and split times.


  1. Digital and Electrical Stopwatches

These were developed to obtain more precision and convenience in recording the time elapsed. The crystal oscillator element and the microchip are the fundamental elements that make the digital versions more advanced by also including date and 24 hours time options. Further progress with this technology has resulted in a wide range of digital stopwatches from the small window in digital wristwatches to huge stop clocks in sports stadiums powered with sensors.


  1. Online Stopwatches

With practically everything else in the world, stopwatches came online too, bringing its wide range of applications to our fingertips. The best part about these stopwatches is that they can make our work-life easier with a whole lot of added features than traditional or digital stopwatches.


Tasks That Require You To Start A Stopwatch Online

When we think of a stopwatch, we generally imagine a swimming competition or a sprint race that requires precise measurement of timing and division into laps. However, there are several other purposes that a stopwatch can facilitate, especially the online one. Have a look:


  • Monitoring Typing Speed

An online stopwatch comes handy when you need to monitor and compare your typing speed when writing in different forms and languages. The precise recording and division of time can help you identify which language you are slow at transcribing, or if you’re cut out to punch in numbers promptly or not.


  • Preparing For Online Tests

If a time-based online test is scheduled where you are not allowed to look at your phone or go back to your desktop to keep a track of time, an online stopwatch will help you practice in the same conditions with ease.


  • Time Recording With Regular Alerts

If you’re up for a task at work that gets you so immersed that you don’t even get the time to look up and keep a track of time, you can keep alerts at regular intervals using an online stopwatch. You can then focus on working in record time and be alerted regularly to help you keep up the pace.


Finally, a very obvious task of an online stopwatch is to essentially be the most convenient option, even at times when you can’t rely on external devices; whether you’re in a glass cubicle or an open field.

What Makes Using Online Stopwatch So Convenient?

Considering the fact that most of our devices of today have the stopwatch feature, you might be wondering what makes an online stopwatch a better and convenient option. Here are not one, but three important reasons among many.


Change Tabs, Not Devices

Online stopwatches can be particularly helpful when you want to steer clear of your distracting mobile phone at work and focus your attention on work. All you need to do is press ‘Cntrl/Cmnd + n’ to change tab and record time on your online stopwatch.


Automatically Save History

Most online stopwatches come with the feature of not only recording but also automatically saving time lapses. So if you intend to compare your performance, an online stopwatch will have already done it for you.


Export Results

We can formally not produce a stopwatch before a professional; for instance when relaying performance records of new hires to a senior or showing proof of your own performance to an instructor. Each time you need stopwatch results on paper, you will thank the invention of an online stopwatch.