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Online Timer: 5 Reasons Why You Need One

Do countdowns make you feel excited and motivated?


Not the countdowns to new years but day to day countdowns that are regulated by timers that monitor your speed, capacity, and efficiency to complete a task?


There’s a lot more to timers than you think. Timers, generally speaking, are clocks that are used to measure specific time intervals. It is used to count down from a given time preset by the user and beeps when the time runs out as an alert or alarm. However, its functions and applications exceed the scope of simply counting down the time elapsed. Read on to find out how it evolved and continues to evolve.

What Is The History Of Timers?

The most primitive form of a timer was an hourglass. Although the exact year of the invention is unknown, in 1926 a successful attempt to make something more accurate and articulate came to be known as the kitchen timer by Thomas Norman Hicks. Its versions existed as an egg timer and the fan fly that was based on air resistance technology.


With an electromechanical evolution in the 1960s, thermal mechanism-based timers came to be used for varied applications. Ever since, the interface, body, precision, display, have all been worked on to create better and more technologically advanced versions of timers in electronic, digital, and online forms.

When Do You Need To Turn On An Online Timer?

There are many situations where you will have to use the online timers, here are a few of those situations.


  1. To Create Timely Alerts

Online timers are the best options to set alerts during tasks that you need your complete focus on. For instance, if you need to practice answering a question paper within a limited time frame, or you want to pull off those planks for a full one minute, setting a timer and focusing on the goal (or alert) would help you push yourself to either complete things before time or to keep holding on till the record time.


  1. Improve Productivity and Pace

Setting an online timer for doing a particular task will help you complete the task much faster than if you try without a timer. Humans tend to get distracted, shift our focus, or delay things as much as possible unless we have a strict self-imposed or otherwise deadline. An online timer will ensure that your work is not interrupted and you stay committed to that work without getting distracted.


  1.   Monitor Breaks and Alert

Don’t you just hate it when you are on a break, lose the hang of time, it extends and you end up being late for work? Setting an online timer comes handy when you’re just logging off from work for a quick break. You wouldn’t need to waste your precious time in finding and setting a timer on the phone, and you will be able to monitor the time accurately. This will make sure your break is productive and alert you out of any intention to procrastinate.


  1. Get Boring Things Done

Are you one of those who require major external motivation to clean a cupboard or do the dishes or anything that takes too much time and effort and you end up in a never-ending procrastinating loop? An online timer may be what you need! While you’re simply wasting your time browsing random things online, you can set a timer and challenge yourself to not only get to work but also finish it in that time span.


  1. Multitask On A Single Device

According to research by Stanford University, multitasking can decrease productivity and also negatively impact your efficiency. Humans may not be designed to multitask but your desktop can. Tune out of the world and completely focus on your work while setting timer goals, playing soothing music, and much more. Make sure you don’t multitask but let your device do.                


What Makes Online Timers So Convenient?

The above applications of an online timer may converge with those of an offline or mechanical timer to some extent. But here’s what makes online timers so convenient:


  • Higher Accuracy and Precision

A timer is more or less like an hourglass. As long as it isn’t digital, there’s always a chance of instrumental errors, battery failure, or more. Online timers are highly accurate and leave no such possibility for errors.


  • Customization

Online timers give you the flexibility to customize the ticking sound, alert sound, along with volume adjustments and other features that are only available online. These also branch out into birth timers, death timers, and many more interesting timers that require constant upgrades and are only available online.


  • Enables Advanced Functions

Different online timers come with a highly varied set of features and functions, while some can offer you the classic mechanic timer type look, sound, and feel, some can help you with far more advanced functions like controlling the speed of the motor! This is possible because as the complexity of an online timer website, software, or application increases, it performs greater functions with the use of timer as a prerequisite like comparing its value against another value you set, based on comparison logic.


To wrap it up for you, an online timer can make some of your simplest tasks easier, help you improve in tasks that are important, and give you the scope to perform more progressive tasks. These, along with the fact that we are always online so an online timer is always available, make online timers the winner against its mechanical or offline counterpart.