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Online Alarm Clock: How Can It Make You More Punctual?


<р>Are you fed up with your snoozing habit? Has relying too much on your alarms disappointed you and your boss?


Alarm clocks were invented so that people could keep track of and be on time; even when they're sleeping or immersed in some other absorbing task. However, with increased popularity and use, our reliance on alarms have increased while the machines continue to act out time and again.


With more on stake, expectations of accuracy, precision, convenience, and more loaded features from a simple device like alarm clock have increased. This has paved the way to a more distinguished version, the online alarm clock.

Looking Back At The History Of Alarm Clocks

An alarm clock is a device that is meant to alert and remind a person using sound, vibration, and or visual means, at a specific set time.


The alarm clock, in its most primitive and amorphous form, dates back to around 400BC and is associated with the popular Greek philosopher Plato’s Water Clock. In the coming years, several adaptations and modifications in varied forms were recorded in different parts of the world.


The alarm clock closest to the version we know today, the first American alarm clock was made in 1787 by Levi Hutchins in New Hampshire. The alarm only went off once, daily at 4 am to wake him up. Not much later, the invention was patented by a French inventor named Antoine Redier in 1847.


Unfortunately, the production of alarm clocks was halted as a consequence of factories being converted into war working houses during World War II. However, soon enough, the production resumed as the shortage of alarm clocks generated demand as the old ones started wearing out.


Why Is An Online Alarm Clock Useful?

Using an online alarm clock has a whole host of benefits that would make you prefer it over your mechanical or application-based clocks. Here are the top five reasons why:


  1.  You can work in peace without the distractions of your phone which otherwise you would have been forced to keep close in case you miss the alarm.
  2. Your mechanical clocks are inaccurate whereas your digital clocks can malfunction at any certain time with no notice, whereas online clocks are both accurate and reliable.
  3. With an online clock, you can set alarms beyond the limitations of your time zones. Got an international video conference? Set the alarm according to your client’s time zone easily!
  4. Using an online alarm clock reduces the chances of snoozing which can be really helpful if you’re on a tight schedule and cannot afford to give in to your desires of those ‘extra five minutes’.
  5. An online alarm clock offers a larger range of alarm tones. Why settle for the ones on your phone that more often than not, don’t even manage to wake you up?


Advantages Of Sekundomer’s Online Alarm Clock

The online alarm clock by Sekundomer has a range of features that can persuade you to give up your traditional alarm clocks altogether. Let’s have a look at seven important advantages:


  •  Free Of Cost

This alarm clock comes absolutely free of cost, unlike several others that we find online. All features of this alarm clock are easily accessible for free.


  • 100% Reliable

What could you want in an alarm clock more than an assurance that it will never miss an alert, whether you want to wake up on time, attend an important appointment, or reach an exam in time? This alarm clock does exactly that, it never fails to ring and can be trusted with all your minor and important events.

  • Impeccable Accuracy

Accuracy is one of the things you would look for in any clock in general and not just alarm clocks. This free online alarm clock is accurate for all international time zones so you can stop worrying about missing even a second or two of what’s important to you.


  •  Convenience And Ease Of Use

This alarm clock is incredibly user friendly, easy to use, and convenient. The interface makes navigation through the website effortless, understanding options and settings simple, and improves the overall user experience. Whether it’s your little sibling or grandparent who needs a reliable alarm, this alarm clock makes lives easy for everyone alike.

  • Settings Options

This alarm clock offers two setting options, that is, either you can set it as per the date and time of the alert you need, or according to the number of hours post which you would like it to buzz. The former option makes long term alarms convenient while the latter saves you the hassle of estimating the exact time when you’re looking at hours of intervals.


  • Free From Battery Hassles

Being online is perhaps the greatest feature of an online alarm clock. You can forget about the worries of a draining battery as it does not use any external or third party apps. With no background apps  running, there is no excessive battery usage or wastage of any kind.


  • No Installation Required

As soon as you land on the online alarm clock page, you can directly set the time and date, or the hours of interval you want between then and the alert, and the alarm is set. You don’t have to install or download any special programs to reap the benefits of this cool clock.