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How Many Days Are Left Before Spring?

The arrival of spring brings with it a wave of rejuvenation, radiance, gloom, joy, and bliss. It is the season that symbolizes the end of bleak wintery nights by making the days longer and warmer.

Top 4 Reasons Why We Countdown Days Up To Spring

It’s natural to want to countdown days to spring in the anticipation of a rosy vibe and floral blooms, however, here are a few more common reasons why we just can’t wait for spring to come.

  1. Make Plans And Bookings

Determining the period left before the commencement of the spring will help in planning the days ahead of time. Springs make excellent seasons for travel, especially since this is the season that houses colors and diversity. It’s natural to count down days for that serene lakeside camping you’ve planned or the adventurous sunrise trek you’ve booked!

  1. Festivals, Fun, And Frolic

Spring is a season of celebrations and festivals, it has many traditional festivities as well as folklore associated that signifies new beginnings. With spring, we count down days to these festivities where we get to enjoy warm vibes and have fun.


  1. Embrace Optimism

All over the world, spring is literally believed to be the blooming season of life; metaphorically it’s a new ray of hope that fills you with optimistic spirits. It gives you inspiration about how life flourishes after fall and winter.


  1. Opportunity to Revamp Fashion

With spring comes fresh spring fashion. After those long winter nights with long, covered clothes, it’s finally time to go back to floral prints and pretty accessories. How can you possibly not count down to a season that helps you get an amazing wardrobe makeover?

Mărțișor: History And Significance Of The Spring Festival

March 1 signifies a cultural and folk festival for the people in Moldova and Romania; Mărțișor. It symbolizes the rebirth of life after an overbearing winter. Mărțișor literally translates to ‘ little March’ and on this day men offer their beloved women flowers and a Mărțișor (a type of trinket) as a symbol of loyalty, love, and happiness. 


The origin of this tradition came from Romanian ancestors, the Dacians who previously called it ‘Dachia Dragobete’,  meaning the end of winter. Mărțișor was made by a coin around which twisted black and white wool were tied. The coin symbolizes luck and health and the ropes stood for the advent of spring, warmth, and regeneration (white), intertwined with the weak presence of winter, cold, and death (black).  Usually, people wear them pinned to their clothes, close to the heart.  It is popularly believed that it wards off evil and gives protection.


According to a Maldovan legend, there was a time when the sun descended on the earth disguised as a young man to dance and celebrate among folks. A dragon found it and confined the sun in a dungeon, everything around turned gloomy, but no one dared to fight the dragon. A brave man suddenly turned up one day and decided to find the dungeon to set free the sun.  Many people joined him and offered support in the fight to free the light; the journey lasted for three seasons: summer, autumn, and winter.


With the battle ending in the favor of the man and the dungeon being set free; nature became alive again. However, in the course of the fight, the young man got severely injured and his warm blood melted the snow around, thereby blooming white flowers called snowdrops in the soil.


The story associated with Mărțișor finds conviction in some hearts and in some simple faith; that spring symbolizes courage, hope, love, and light.


Top 5 Benefits Of Using Sekundomer’s Spring Countdown Timer

There are several reasons to prefer our multi-feature countdown timer and some of them are listed below. Read on to find the very timer you had been on a lookout for!

  • Enchanting User Interface

The user interface has a beautiful and elegant spring theme imbibed into the countdown timer. It makes the device visually appealing and brightens up your anticipation.


  • Functionality And Ease Of Use

Besides being appealing, the countdown apparatus has value-adding functions and is very easy to use. It requires zero efforts to use the timer and help you calculate the time left until the onset of the next spring season.


  • Void of unnecessary details

Needless to say, the timer determines the exact days left with precision, and further, it does not burden you with annoying banners or distracting ads.


  • Reliability For Free

The most exciting feature about this timer for spring is that it costs zilch to use it. You can rest assured that it’s a reliable instrument and companion in your wait for spring with no hidden costs, fees, or subscription.

  • More Timer Options
    This free to use timer has versions that help you countdown to different seasons, occasions, and celebrations with the same functions. It can make counting down days left for next summer, fall, New Year, Christmas Eve, and other occasions, convenient and easy.


Have we already gotten you excited for the spring? Then why not wait for the spring with a spring-themed countdown timer to ease away your excitement and anticipation? Sekundomer’s online countdown timers have it all sorted for you.