How much is left until How much is left until
Until the night is left
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How Many Hours Are Left Before Night?

Some like to be in sweet dreams at midnight, while some feel adventurous. Midnight cravings are the best snack of the day for some while others binge on coffee to pull off all-nighters. There’s something about midnights that both excites and soothes us and leaves us counting down hours to it.

Reasons To Find Out How Much Time Is Left Until Midnight

There are several reasons we love midnight; here are some of the most common ones:

  • Motivates You To Sleep Early

A night of good sleep is necessary for our body to rejuvenate and repair itself from the stress it handles throughout the day.  If you’re one to follow the fruitful ‘early to bed early to rise schedule’, counting hours to midnight is a good way to remind you that you need to hit the bed soon.

  • The Anticipation of Midnight Occasions

Midnight marks the beginning of a new day -- the time that signifies the beginning of birthdays, anniversaries, and celebrations as such that you can just not help but count down hours to.


  • Scheduling Your Workday

Most of us who work long hours without specific schedules need a deadline before which things should wrap up in order to maintain a work-life balance. Most of us also end up setting 12 AM as the deadline, after which we can shut our laptops and call it a day (or night).

Classification of The Phases Of Days And Nights

A typical day can be broadly categorized into three parts, namely morning, afternoon, and night. Further, a day is classified into 8 shorter parts, each lasting a few hours. We have listed the phases below in the order of morning till night.

  1. Dawn

The time of occurrence of the ‘solar event,’ which is more popularly known as the sunrise, is termed as the dawn. It lasts for a few minutes until the sun has risen above the horizon into the sky. Since dawn consists of those few moments during which the sunlight cracks out the darkness, we often use the phrase, ‘at the crack of dawn.’


  1. Morning

When the sun is completely visible after the sunrise, it’s morning time. Mornings usually last from around 5 am to twelve pm; however, it is delayed during the winters. The time after dawn till 8 am can is classified as the ‘early morning’ and the latter part that extends till the midday, the ‘late morning’.


  1. Midday

When the clock strikes twelve the second time during the day it’s referred to as noon or midday. This is also the time when the sun is positioned in the sky right above our heads, producing the shortest shadows.


  1. Afternoon

The afternoon signifies the time interval from 12 pm to 5 pm. An afternoon can be further fragmented into early noon, which is typically the time considered to be the corporate lunch hour and late noon, which typically lasts from four o’clock till evening, known to us as the ‘tea break’.


  1. Evening

Evening falls between afternoon and dusk and usually persists around two to three hours depending on the season. The standard evening time is 5 pm to 8 pm.


  1. Dusk

Dusk and dawn correspond to the concepts of sunrise and sunset. Dusk is the darkest part of the astronomical twilight or the few moments when the last few moments of sunrise diminish into the dark night sky.


  1. Night

The night lights can be classified into three types depending on the degree of illumination in the lunar sky.

  1. Astronomical Twilight

Astronomical twilight is the lighter version of the night when the sun has technically set about 12-18 degrees below the horizon but its rays continue to lightly illuminate the night sky. It is followed by the dusk.


  1. Nautical Twilight

Following the dusk and preceding, the dawn comes the Nautical twilight that lies between the lightest and darkest phases of the nights. During this time the sun is about 12-6 degrees below the horizon. It is possible to see bright stars during this time.


  1. Civil Twilight

Another phenomenon that occurs both before the sunrise and after the sunset, civil twilight differentiates itself from the nautical twilight by being characteristically bright with enough light to make things visible.


8. Midnight

Marking the beginning of a new day, the end of the old one is the exact time when the clock strikes 12. Midnight is characterized by dark, dense skies with frequent sparkles of moonlight.

Features Of Midnight Countdown Timer

A reliable, simple, and a preferred tool to countdown hours to midnight, Sekundomer offers a variety of features:

  • Bewitching night theme

The timer has an eye-catching dark theme resembling peaceful, starry nights. It has some inky shades and hues to enhance its charm that will make you want to enjoy the night already.


  • Uncomplicated and very handy to use

Apart from its beauty, what makes the countdown timer more attractive is the smooth user interface that makes it easy to use it with minimal effort. Using a countdown timer can never be this simple.


  • Available for free

This effortless tool can be used anytime and anywhere without any indications to pay for fees, donations, subscriptions, or any hidden charges.


  • No Pop-up Advertisements

Unlike other similar sites, this countdown timer does not have any kind of infuriating pop up advertisements that can potentially distract you or ruin your vibe.


  • No Major Installations Required

In addition to being easy to use, you can utilize this timer without any cumbersome installation procedures and start with the countdown in a zap. It’s completely online and convenient.

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