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Advantages Of An Online Seasons Counter To Countdown How Many Days Are Left Before Fall


Autumn, more popularly known as fall in northern America, marks the transition period between warm, carefree summers to cold, cozy winters. It’s the only time of the years when you witness ‘leaf-falls’ and there are more leaves on the streets than on the trees. Falls create a beautiful atmosphere around us, one that we cherish and long for.

Reasons Why We Countdown Days Upto Fall

There are several reasons why we anxiously wait for the beautifully aesthetic season of fall. Here are the 4 reasons that capture the essence of the season and literally makes us count down days to it.


  1. Celebrate Cultures

The most enticing part about the harvest season is the folklore and culture associated with it. Every nationality, religion, and cult has something to celebrate about during fall. The ordinary process of harvesting the crops after long, effort-driven months of agriculture has so much jubilance associated with it that traditions and festivals have sprouted out of the season. Who wouldn’t want to count down to a season that brings people and happiness together?


  1. Plan Getaways

The fall season redefines nature in an awe-inspiring way. Clear skies, occasional rains, and summer warmth fading into the comfortable cold, all of it makes fall the perfect season for long drives and rejuvenating getaways.


  1. Clear The Clutter

Fall is the time of the year where trees shed their leaves in order to make room for new ones. It is also the season when the crops that cannot shed their produce on their own, are harvested. The season symbolizes the proverb ‘make hay while the sun shines’ and we are inspired to let go of things, however beautiful or meaningful to us, once it’s time to move forward. We look forward to the fall to clear the much-required clutter after we have had enough fun in the summer and before cozy winters come in.


  1. Fall Fashion

No fashion trend can beat the charm of winter outfits. Fall gives you the perfect opportunity to deck yourself up with those leather jackets without going overboard with warm clothes. It’s the time you can afford to ditch warm clothes to flaunt a bit of fashion.

Autumn Folk Festival: History And Traditions

The origin of Dożynki (or the celebration of harvest) is unclear due to the lack of historical documentation from the pre-Christian Era. However, it is certain that it was originally celebrated by the Pagan Slavic cult who worshiped deities associated with land, fertility, and food. Later, towards the 16th century, the festival gained a Christian character and religious significance.


Dożynki, celebrated at the time of autumn equinox or September 1, is traditionally celebrated by the farmers as a period of relaxation after the crops had been harvested. Landowners organized these festivals to reward the hard-working laborers and celebrate a plentiful harvest. The celebration involves huge gatherings with plentiful dancing, drinking, and other forms of folk merriment. According to ritual, the last handful of the uncut crop is left on the field. The purpose is to gather together as farmers and harvest it together as a mark of solidarity and success of their occupation, post-harvest. They form a procession to bring the last batch of the harvest and offer it to the women, who in turn create a wreath out of it and gift it to the organizer of the festival, the guest of honor. The harvesters sing about the hardships of their work and wished for future crops to be equally rich and nurturing.


Other fall festivals that are popular for their folklore and attached traditions include Zhong Qui Fie in China, Chuseok in Korea, Tsukimi in Japan, and Têt Trung Thu in Vietnam.


Features Of Sekundomer’s Fall Countdown Timer

Our fall countdown timer has a few quirks that make it peculiar and preferred over other similar countdown timers available online.

  • Vibrant Autumn Theme

Get ready to be amazed by the gorgeous and warm autumn-themed fall countdown timer. The alluring design of the timer makes it very pleasant and appealing to look at, and an aesthetic form of entertainment.


  • Easy To Operate

Using the countdown timer is a cakewalk. The timer will help you calculate the exact time left for the onset of the next fall season in months, days, hours, minutes, and seconds. The precision and accuracy of the timer that comes along with the absolute ease are what make it one of the best season countdown timer tool.


  • Works Completely Online

No prior installation processes are required to be followed in order to enjoy the features of the timer. The only prerequisite is an active internet connection. It can be used anywhere, anytime, to give company to your anticipation of fall.


  • Non-Monetized Timers

Sekundomer countdown timers have no intention to make you pay even a cent. It is completely free of charges, subscription fees, or any other hidden charges so that you can browse away without worrying about your pockets. Further, none of the webpages of the site contain advertisements, ensuring all the more hassle-free experience!


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