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Current Time: Global Time Measures And The Best Online Exact Time Service

How many times have you wondered if it’s the right time to call your friend living on a different continent?


While technology is bringing the world closer, time zone differences still exist. Most of us get cannot differentiate between the standard measures of international time zones and get caught up in the confusion of which country operates on which one.


Well, it’s time to say goodbye to the confusion and carry on with the tasks that require an exact current time of a region with ease. Read on to know, how.


Why Do We Need To Know The Exact Current Time?

Globalization has closed gaps between borders and continents, which has facilitated direct communication between countries in all aspects -- from entertainment to business. Everything will be thrown into chaos if time and punctuality aren’t taken seriously and this gives us enough reason to know the exact current time in different regions.


Besides that, finding the exact time for a given location would help you majorly in the following aspects:

  • Plan agendas keeping in mind the time difference of partners or clients
  • Be punctual -- with cross-border virtual meetings, deadlines, appointments, lectures, and social meet-ups
  • Draw up a convenient meeting schedule catering to the specific time zones of international participants
  • Administer and compare international stock market trading sessions in a seamless manner
  • Be prepared for the estimated difference in time while traveling internationally
  • Tune into an international show or concert’s live stream at the right time

GMT And UTC: Different Measures Of Finding Exact Time

While the sun rises in the east and sets in the west is a universal fact, there’s no observed universal formula to the exact time of the rise in different regions across the planet. Differences in sunrises, sunsets, and moonrises have created time differences, and therefore, a necessity for establishing a standard time system.


The concept of GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) was coined as a solution to this necessity.


One can understand the concept of GMT by breaking it down. ‘Greenwich’ is derived from the Royal Observatory of Greenwich, who was first acclaimed for the standardization of time across the world. The time standard has been set considering the average time taken by all the clocks to pass through one solar day, and hence the word ‘Mean’.


Since Greenwich is geographically located on the prime meridian; the 0° longitude, it was reckoned best to connote time in different regions of the world with reference to their variation with GMT. For instance, London time is measured as GMT + 01:00, which purports that London is 1 hour ahead of the average time. Similarly, Canada’s time is 4 hours behind the time on the prime meridian and can be abbreviated as GMT -4.


UTC: The Successor Of GMT


Although GMT solved the most crucial challenges in terms of time differences, it was subject to one fundamental limitation. Its definition of the duration of a single second was based on the Earth’s rotation period.


To counter the scope of irregularities that exists in this measurement, in 1963, a more reliable technique was introduced that estimated time using atomic clocks on the basis of the earth’s rotation and the frequency of radiation of atoms. It was officially denoted as the Coordinated Universal time (UTC) in 1967. Here, the word coordinated comes from the fact that every country coordinates its time according to the UTC. The time zone variations are denoted as offsets to UTC. The format of offsets can be negative or positive depending on the coordinates of the region on the map. The UTC offset of Costa Rica, which is 6 hours behind UTC can be expressed as “-0600” or “-06:00” or even “-06”.


After the adoption of UTC, GMT was declared as merely a time zone and was no longer used as a reference. With UTC, the use of highly effective time standard across the world became plausible; for activities ranging from a day to day communications, aviation channeling to the coordination of military transmissions.


Top 5 Features Of Sekundomer’s Online Exact Time Calculator Service

Now that you know that every microsecond is important when measuring time, you must be looking for a reliable exact current time calculator. Have a look at what puts our online time calculator service one notch ahead of others


  • Effortless and simple

Knowing the exact time at a specific location in any corner of the world has never been so easy, effortless, and agile to do. Easy settings, simple user interface, and fast loading site make our live clock effortless.


  • Costs zilch to use

This powerful tool which tells you the exact time at any place of your choice in a zap does not cost even a dime. It’s absolutely free to use without any hidden costs, fees for subscriptions, or prompts to watch advertisements.


  • Uses UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) as the basis for calculations

As concluded above UTC is the most precise measure of time, using which, our clock shows the exact time to the second for any given coordinate on the world map.


  • Numerous countries to choose

This robust time tool will serve you is borderless and gives you options to choose from various countries or cities all over the world.


  • Just one requirement -  Internet

As mentioned above there are no monetary preconditions to use this tool, it also keeps the hassles of installations and downloads away. All you need is a working internet connection and you’re good to go!


Staying on and coordinating time couldn’t get more convenient. If you have found the above information interesting and useful, why not give it a try? Find out the exact current time of your favorite destination now!