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Online Countdown Timer: How Many Days Are Left Before Winter?


The coldest month of the year brings with tremendous joy and a whole lot to look forward to. If you can’t stop spending time every day counting and calculating days to December 1, when things will finally start getting colder, merrier, and prettier, this article is just for you!

4 Reasons We Can’t Stop Counting Down Days Before Winter

Amidst the festive season, there are several reasons why we simply love winters and wait for December- the month that brings with it a lot more than just good food! Have a look at the top reasons why you count days up to December 1.


  1. Warm, Cosy Clothes

With the sweltering heat that comes with summer, gone, you now have good reason to bring the fashion cashmere and wool out of the closet! All of the snug winter boots are in fashion, something that’s surely looked forward to.


  1. Holidays and Quality Time

December feels like what Friday feels towards the end of the week -- gives us all the reasons to party and enjoy! With the rest of the year being mundane, hectic, and stressful, it’s natural to count days to glittering lights in shivering cold. It’s like counting hours to the party time when you can finally let your hair down and leave all your worries behind!


Moreover, with the holiday season, we have all the time to pay your friends and family a visit, and spend quality time with them! What can be better than remembering the old days,  making new memories with frequent warm coffees, and occasional cold drinks?


  1. Season Sales!

Its savings season throughout the year just so that you can make the most of the shopping season towards the end of the year. With all the enticing festive offers coming your way, it is like an indication from Santa himself, “it’s shopping time!” Shopping season means updating your wardrobe with the latest fashion trends, as well as donating some of your favorites that have been sitting in your closet, untouched. How can one not countdown to some self-earned brownie points?


  1. New Year, New Spirits

Every New Year’s eve we countdown the last minute or the last ten seconds to welcome the new year. The zest and spirits are at an all-time high. It is time to begin writing all your new year resolutions, turn over a new leaf- and give yourself another chance to do everything that you have wanted to do! Winters mark this new beginning and that gives us every reason to long for it.


December 1: What’s The Holiday Story Behind Winter Day?

This day marks the 335th day of the year, exactly a month before the beginning of a new year. It marks the beginning of winters for the year and a month full of splendor and jubilance. It’s the day that marks new hopes, wishes, and goals that we make for ourselves and others, to be fulfilled in the new year.


5 Features That Make Sekundomer’s Countdown Timer A Favorite

To bring your anticipation of the fun time an accessory, we have an Online Countdown Timer- and it is perfect to ease your nerves! Hassle-free, convenient, and super easy to use, this online countdown timer is really your best friend. Find out how below.


  1. Accurate and Reliable

With a 100% accuracy rate, you can be sure to rely on it with important tasks and events scheduled- no more worrying about getting dates mixed up or being late for anything anymore!


  1. Absolutely Free

You do not have to register or pay! All of the hassles that are involved with registering a new account and then trying to remember a password for the same -- no more! All you have to do is open the website page to make use of the timer, which makes it not only free of hassles but also free of cost.


  1. Theme To Set The Mood

To get you in the winter mood, our timer’s theme is decorated winter style, so when you wait for Christmas, you experience the build-up, as soon as you set the countdown.


  1. Seamless Interface

No interfering banners, no irritating ads, just a quick, easy to use timer that you can use to count down the most exciting moments that you so eagerly await! The website helps you navigate through and find easily exactly what you want.


  1. Loaded Additional Features

With the countdown timer, if you ever need any additional functions, we have them all for you! A stopwatch, for you to use when you’re measuring how fast you can empty an entire cookie jar, an alarm clock, to set alarms for all of the important activities like buying planning presents for your loved ones.


For all you musicians, we have an inbuilt online metronome; set your rhythm, and practice your Christmas carols while you wait away for Christmas! Bid goodbye to huge pocket metronomes that add to your already ‘heavy with excitement’ luggage.



What are you waiting for? View the time tick down as you approach your eagerly awaited days- be it a birthday, holiday, or absolutely any kind of celebration. Important days are far too few, and precious to be missed with worry. Our range of countdown timers makes the wait easier and fun for you.