Fertility statistics in Russia Fertility statistics in Russia
Fertility statistics in Russia
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Visual Birth Rate – Online Service for Accurate Statistics

Every day, hundreds of thousands of people are born around the world, in Russia, of course, this figure is tens of times lower, but here too, new residents of the country are born every minute. To help you keep track of the demographic situation, we have created a visual statistical service that works online – on the page you will be able to see how many children have been born right now, track changes in real-time. The service is completely free, convenient, accurate, and functional – in short, exactly the kind that brings real benefit to every visitor.

Why use a statistical service and know the visual birth rate?

Users of our visual birth rate online service see the real demographic situation in the world or Russia, which in some situations can be very useful. For example, you can find out how many people have just been born to:

  • prepare a report, an essay, a scientific article devoted to statistics – our data are reliable and relevant;
  • simply impress those around you with your knowledge – tell them how erudite and well-read you are;
  • satisfy curiosity, because where else can you see the real birth rate around the world, and moreover – visually;
  • calm a future mother who is afraid to give birth by showing how many women around the planet become happy parents every minute;
  • compare the birth rate in the context of the whole world and Russia, understand how few babies are born in our country.

The online statistics service will show the exact birth rate for each visitor to the site – it doesn't matter for what purpose you need the information, we will provide the most reliable and truthful data.

How to find out how many people are born in Russia and the world in real-time?

Counting how often children are born is not difficult – this can be done manually, using statistics from official sources and making calculations with a calculator, but it is much easier to use our service:

  1. Upon visiting the page, you will immediately see demographic indicators from around the world – the counter automatically shows birth rate statistics.
  2. To switch to Russia mode, tick the box next to the corresponding window (located right under the timer).
  3. To reset the statistics, press R or ESC – the program will start calculations anew.
  4. If you want to pause the service, click SPACE, the counter will pause, to resume, press SPACE again.

You can open several tabs of our site at once, for example, additionally – an online stopwatch or timer, to measure the exact time, understand how many children are born per minute or hour.

Demographic summary for the world and Russia – historical and current data

Analysts in every country closely monitor birth rate indicators, as this is a very important criterion that affects the future not only of the state and the nation, but also of all humanity. So, in Russia, there is a policy aimed at stimulating the birth rate, in China – at restraining it. Each year, about 150 million new people are born worldwide, and there is a trend towards a decrease in this figure. Also, it can be noted that the proportion of out-of-wedlock births is increasing – in Europe, this figure has approached 40%.

In Russia, the historical demographic birth rate statistics are as follows:

  • 1927 – 4 million 668 thousand children were born;
  • 1939 – 4 million 329 thousand;
  • 1950 – 2 million 859 thousand;
  • 1960 – 2 million 782 thousand;
  • 1970 – 1 million 903 thousand;
  • 1980 – 2 million 202 thousand;
  • 1990 – 1 million 988 thousand;
  • 2000 – 1 million 266 thousand;
  • 2010 – 1 million 788 thousand;
  • 2018 – 1 million 604 thousand.

Our online statistics service allows you to accurately find out how many children are born in Russia and the world right now – we use real average data. To use the site, you do not need to register, the information is completely free and available to every visitor.